XmlRpc and Http integration project.

Okey doke. My “XmlRpc” code runs just duckily off the command line; meaning that I can happily pipe serialized xmlrpc methodCall snippets to it all day and it’ll just spit back results depending on whether or not it has a handler for the specified method.

All the recursive structures I can think of have been tested fairly well. (There may be some wrinkles, but that’s what regression test libraries are for.)

I’d post the code but I still have some work to do on documentation, test apps, and examples. They’re coming along fluidly so I’d definitely expect to see a release before I leave for Costa Rica on Saturday the 8th (w00t).

However I AM a bit caught up in the whole idea of beefing up the functionality a bunch, so I’m going to bolt it to my http library and see if I can get the server up and running. I have WAY too many uses for XmlRpc to not have a server running 24/7.