What’s. All. This. Then.

Well last week I became near terminally annoyed with the repetition and demeanor of my posts of late. So, in a flash I decided to delete a bunch, going back a couple years. It was frustrating as hell to watch myself spin around in tight little circles.

The train of thought kinda went like this:

“Shades of gray aside, it’s just the same nonsense over and over again. Why the hell should anyone, even me, give a shit?”

So I went through the post archive, selected about…oh hell I want to say 20-30 posts from the last 3 years and just bulk trashed them.

Now for the fun/awful part: I came in to the cigar lounge a couple days later and sunk into a deep funk because without the fig leaf of posting what I write while I’m sitting here, I really don’t have much motivation to sit and write. It was really bad. A couple people had suggested (as I ranted about it on twitter, because I have the social media habits of the average teenage girl apparently) that it might be related to a massive carb intake.

I hadn’t realized I was QUITE that low carb but on some reflection it actually scans.

Either way I decided over the last couple days that the purge was a mistake. So I tried to restore everything but, after a bunch of nonsense I realized that the posts (which had been in wordpress’s trash bin) restored with new publish dates. So they’re now all KINDS of out of order. Well, fuck. So I think what I’m going to do is re-purge the last couple/few dozen posts completely, then restore from a backup. Worst that’ll happen is that I’ll end up with the same situation again.

So…by the time you’re reading this I’ll be done with whatever screwing around I’ve done.

It’s really making me want to bump up the priority on my own blog software (really just static website generation code.

Anyway I had a couple things I wanted to write about today so I’m going to post this mental effluvia and get on with it. I think I’m gonna end up with a few short posts today. But it’s 1:00 and I’ve got 5 hours before the guys get here so we’ll see how that goes.