Webs need nodes

I’ve been thinking about This entry which has been linked through:

Does anyone else think it’s strange that I’ve got to go through 4 blogs to get to the original article, which I eventually found out is at The Washington Post (Ok, shoot me I’m a little link-happy today.)

“seriously though” The massive interconnection of the blogosphere is a wonderful thing (especially considering I wouldn’t have found the article without it.) But I’m beginning to think that we’re a little more wrapped up in the funkiness of the medium itself, causing the impulse to create content (or post opinion which may or may not be “content” in the ‘= value added’ sense) to suffer greatly.

So Dave Watson linked through BeBlogged, then I linked through Dave (merging two articles by reference), then TSL linked through me, now I linked back through TSL. There’s a whole lot more linking than content here.

This is one of the things I really love about The Shifted Librarian. Jenny adds content when she cross-posts (could someone give me the blogword for that?) Sometimes it’s “only” opinion, but it’s always a value-add. Most people, it seems (myself included, but Dave Winer is another prominent example) are just in love with the “post” link in the news aggregator.

Color me A.D.D, but when I see a post that says “check out THIS” or something similar I’m overwhelmingly inclined not to. Sometimes I’ll float the cursor over the link in an attempt to see where the link will take me, but most of the time I’m just irritated that I have another checkbox to click in the news page.

If I’m way off about this let me know. And if you link to this, at least give it a clever title so people have some idea why 😉