Sudokme? No. Sudoku!

So I’ve gotten the video game thing down to a manageable level. Yeah there are a couple events coming up in the next few months that will show a dramatic uptick in my activity. But a couple hours a night a couple nights a week is a far better level than I’d actually even planned on achieving. I’ve just got better shit to do with my time.

One of the things that I’ve swapped out is some of those goofy phone games which I only really ever played when drifting off to sleep or blearily staring at my phone in the morning in a hypnogogic haze in the morning.

Instead of trying to cold-turkey it I’ve gone back to Sudoku puzzles. They’re sufficiently engaging and have a ‘pure logic’ aspect to them that appeals to my sense of order.

Back in the day I used to be really good at them. It really was just a matter of never giving up and never guessing. My girlfriend at the time had gotten me in to them for our commutes in to the city.

She’d go at the damned thing with a pencil, taking notes and crossing things off until she finally unlocked those couple few keys.

Well…I’m kinda a dick so I’d just stare at the puzzle until I found something I could fill in and I’d fill it in with a pen. It used to drive her fucking BANANAS. Plus I’d have an eye on hers as well and when she’d get visibly frustrated I’d ask if she wanted a hint.

It was fun.

But it was funny when I realized how much of that had drifted away from the front of my mind when I started doing them in earnest this week again for the first time since back then. I could feel the patterns and heuristics in the back of my head, banging on the inside of the trunk I’d locked them away in, looking to get out.

Well…Tuesday night I had a ‘medium’ puzzle, which usually takes me a bit over 11 minutes nowadays, that I had brain lock on for over an hour. I just kept getting madder and madder about it. Finally I condescended to sleep.

Wednesday morning, back at it. The damned thing took me another 45 minutes to solve.


In a bout of frustration I went to the computer and opened a new project.

So yeah, I’m TDDing my way through a sudoku solver (and probably generator, before all is said and done.) What I’m going to do is puzzle my way through it without any external references other than a bunch of downloaded puzzles to test against.

Eventually I’ll post it all. Maybe it’ll be my first github project. We’ll see.

I’ve tried posting about software project work before and it’s been…hit and miss. So I’m going to see what I can come up with.