something something w00h00!

Yep. That’s right you fuckers. I’m pathologically incapable of keeping silent and between the headache that Trump people give me and Twitter’s shameless censorship (I mean, who suspends Robert Stacey McCain? That’s like chastising Mr. Rogers) it was time to leave THAT poisonous forum.

After the whole #JeSuisMilo thing I figured I’d stick to my guns and not leave until the booted me. But it got to the point between all that and the lycanthropic effect this political season has had on people both near and dear to me and those who I would otherwise just mute, well, enough was enough.

Plus, I probably had no protein and by 11:00 at night, that makes for a grumpy grumpy programmer.

So, in true Wilsonian fashion I lit out for the territories. Apropos of that, let me introduce or remind you of this little piece of genius:



Besides, anyone who’s known me for more than 4 minutes knows I’m far more interested in monologue than dialog anyway. This way I don’t have to pretend I’m talking TO anyone but mahdamnself.

A couple things:

– I will be posting work stories. So many people have been asking for work stories.
– I will be backfilling this blog with choice selections from blogs, sites, and various effluvia that’s escaped my mind through the keyboard over the past couple decades.
– I will also be posting on a bit of a horrifying array of topics. I used to try to keep things separate, different blogs, different category pages, etc. It led to me not writing a damn fucking thing. I’ll try to keep things categorized and tagged appropriately, but…yeah I might not.

One last thing:

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