Sleep Dep good for ADD?

I have a very frustrating theory about ADD. (No, I don’t mean some asm mnemonic, I’m actually referring to Attention Deficit Disorder, which is an at-times-frustratingly prominent aspect of my personal psychology.)

I’ve noticed that the farther into the night I am, the better I can focus and the more I can get done. All day today (for instance) I wanted to do a bunch of coding and wrap some things up (see the previous two blog entries) but every time I sat down I was swamped with a level of mental static reminiscent of Harrison Bergeron. So several times I left my apartment and wandered around a bit, doing trivial little tasks that needed doing. But it was only a distraction, and with every little stop (the grocery store, laundry, J&R Computer World, Yellow Rat Bastard, California Pizza, Virgin Megastore) I became more and more aggravated and just..well… pissed off.

I knew full well I was just dodging. But I also knew what would happen if I sat down to do something. Space… the final frontier…

So I arrived home at about 6:00 and started going through notebooks looking for inspiration enough to overcome the whitenoise in my head. Nothing. Read a few blogs, but most aren’t updating on the weekend *sigh*, made some dinner (bad cheeseburger.)

Finally, around 1:30 this morning (I’m on the East Coast, it’s 3:35 now.) I realized that I’d been busy for a half hour sketching out some integration docs for my XmlRpc over http stuff. I was able to keep going until it occurred to me that this is a situation that’s far more common than I’d realized.

Something about being overly fatigued shuts down enough of my brain that I can actually think and get some work done. There’s just no other way to explain it.

If anybody has any comments or thoughts on this I’d be delighted to hear from you. No really. Click the little envelope on the left there, the comment tag, anything. Lemme know if this is as odd as I think.