Show me the way to go home

I’m tired and I wanna go to bed.

Welp, I’m not going to say it’s over.  But I am going to say that when I made this commitment to publish a post a day of a thousand words or more I did NOT anticipate starting a new job this week. 

It’s only day two and, while I have some thoughts about it and the way it’s going I find it very unlikely that those thoughts are going to see the light of day, at least not in the sense at least a couple people are hoping for.

For the last couple days I’ve left the office, turned right, driven a half mile, then turned left into the parking lot at Smokey.

Tonight someone who doesn’t usually come out during the week “put out the call” to hang out there.

As I talked about yesterday, you’ve got to understand what your priorities are and why you have them, and while I didn’t think I’d be out until 10:30 tonight, I knew it was going to be a fair hang with a level of conversation I just don’t generally get very often anymore.

He wasn’t going to get up the hill until about 7.  So I sat there with a new book “Building A Second Brain” and a cigar.

And I passed the fuck out for about an hour.  I was well awake when he showed, but I realized I was really run down.

But again, priorities are priorities.

Had some cigars then, as Smokey was about to close we headed over to Sam’s and sat out front, smoked a couple more and knocked a couple back.

Tomorrow I’ve got a shitload of baking to do when I get back from work.  Thursday is Thanksgiving and I’ve got to start it by doing even more, then expect to be gone ‘til the wee hours.

I expect I’ve got a few days where “post a thousand words” is an iffy prospect at best.

Again; you’ve got to know what your rules are, why you have them and have the strength of will to know when they don’t make sense. 

I spend an awful lot of energy proving to myself that I’ve got some self-discipline by exercising that muscle and it serves me remarkably well. 

Dogmatism certainly has its place.  But being blind about it when it’s not proactively serving you…doesn’t.

And if I’m being honest, and perhaps inappropriately self-congratulatory, knowing when to and being able to go beyond those rules is its own skill as well.

I’m going to bed.

I’ve got yet another very long day ahead of me tomorrow.