Search Results for “Wife” – I, Wilson

When I had the original blog, back in ye oldeney timeseyness, search engines weren’t quite so savvy about hiding information. So what would happen is, you’d get a referrer hit that told you what the web query was that led to your page being clicked on. And, since that’s how people found things (rather than shared links on social media) you could generally count on some interesting results. Often a peculiar use of words would be enough to get yourself listed and hit.

I vaguely recall some really strange searches leading to my pages. Now, if you get a hit from a google search, they’ll mask the search terms used in the referrer entry because google’s run by a bunch of assholes.

But I’d generally forgotten about this ’til I just happened to look at my hit log. Someone from Maryland last week hit the site, read a bit, then searched my site for the word “wife.”

Now… me being me (and more on that later) my brain IMMEDIATELY started fantasizing about who that could be. I don’t know anybody in Baltimore, but then I haven’t lived in Nashville for all that long (nor will I for all that much longer, more on that later) so it could be anybody.

Does make me wonder.