Phoning in Friday

I’ve got approximately zero brain left.  I’ve stared at this blank page for about a half hour, figuring I’d have something.  But not so much.

This is the close of my first week of work in a few years, likely related I’m sure.  I’ve got an awful lot of thoughts about that.  But to the eternal shock of many of you (not that there ARE many of you) I have enough of a sense of discretion to not have any desire to talk about it here.

A couple of the guys are looking forward to hanging out at Smokey this weekend, and I may very well do that.  It’ll be a good time, pretty much always is. 

But I also have to start working on other stuff, both programming projects and some more analog things.

As this month draws to a close I’m starting to think about next month’s daily pursuits. I’ve got a couple ideas kicking around in my head, but nothing concrete yet.  One thing I am considering is junking the word count requirement that I held to until a couple days ago but keeping the “post a day.”

Thing is, and I remember having written this before: When I scribble a few words down with the aim of putting them on the website, ALL other writing, including journaling ceases completely.  Now, multiply that with the level of constraint I have to endure in order to hit the “publish” button and it creates a bit of a problem. So I’ll have to sort that crap out as well.

I was…well, not ‘excited’ exactly about Black Friday deals.  But I did spend a (thankfully small) amount of energy looking for deals.  I’d had a tool bundle on my amazon wishlist for…hell, probably a couple years.  Bunch of stuff.  Back in the day it was $600.  Well it, like everything else had gone up considerably.   I happened to scroll through my wishlist and saw it was back down to $599.

I got all excited and pulled the trigger then shot out a couple text messages crowing about the great deal.  I went and had a cigar after work, thought about it a bit, realized that as much as I actually wanted it; it was a well thought out purchase, if that thinking was done some time ago, then picked up my phone and cancelled the order. 

A great deal does not a need create.