“Oi, make with the posts”

Yes, well. I suppose I’ve been letting the illusion of work fatigue get the better of me.  That and the weird fear that masks itself as “perfectionism” so it can pretend to be virtue (subtle shit, that.)

So, a little word on some of the stuff I’m going to post.

Some of it is going to be blind furious ranting, no doubt.

Some of it is going to be bar notes (I carry a notebook with me when I…who am I kidding, always, and I write down more than people think.)

Some of it is going to be straight journal entry type stuff.

Some of it is going to be recipes, programming notes and questions, etc.

Lots of it will also be fiction, some won’t.  Most will be a mix of the two.

So take this shit seriously at your own risk.


Let’s go spelunking in the archives and see what we can find, shall we?