No really…one more more time

Well that could either be Stairway To Heaven or Daft Punk. But I’m just typing the wilsonian equivalent of Lorem Ipsum text just to see if, on a naked wordpress site it will let me publish something with a couple words to it or if it’s just going to choke the way it had before.

Note that at the moment this is a straight pure uncustomized site All I’ve done is hit “new post” and started typing. One or two hundred words ought to do the trick.

Now kids, let’s hit ‘save draft’ and see what happens. My most sincere hope is that it pukes. Then I can get back on the phone with GoDaddy support and read them the riot act.

Well, so far it actually seems pretty good. I’ve restored from the xml file and done some basic reconfig. But I’ve got a long way to go to get it back up to snuff. This color scheme and site layout is absolutely horrendous.