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So, I’ve been largely without a television for a couple decades. Finally, because of the new place, largely new life, and new (a couple month ago) season of Game of Thrones, I got a television (sans cable because seriously, fuck ALL those guys.)

THIS, of course means there are whole worlds of brain rotting crap open to me (even without actually having cable. Because seriously, fuck those guys, all of them.)

Combine that with years on (which is awesome but they banned me from commenting, probably because I called some faggot a faggot. Seriously. All of those guys? fuck them) and I’ve had a metric fuckton of exposure to….this:

People have been assuring me for literally years that Archer is the actual shit.

So, back in… April I think, I started watching it on Amazon Prime (which is awesome by the way, so…yeah.) I watched seasons 1 through 5 a few times, then suddenly Prime stopped carrying seasons and told me I could pay (like…money) to watch them on Hulu, which was completely unfair since I was half way through a run through when they cut it off (seriously, fuck all those guys.)

Undeterred I found…sources for them, but they sucked, so I went to Amazon and found seasons 1-6 for about $10 each on dvd. So…in they came, and I happily watched all 6 seasons (having never seen 6 and wanting to be sure I really didn’t miss anything in the middle that might break my transition between 5 and 6.

Archer might literally be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen (and I watched Soap when it was on TV. Shut up, I’m old. Seriously, fuck all you guys.)

So here I present as evidence, two snippets (I think they’re from seasons 3 and 4 respectively, but it all kinda bleeds together after a couple hundred hours of reruns.

First is a 3 minute bit that contains my favorite line in all 6 seasons (delivered by Pam at about 2:47.)

The second is by my estimation, the single funniest whole SCENE in the show, after which Archer discovers he’s been using fake chemotherapy drugs and decides to go do something about it by going on a…


I don’t know how much context you have to have to get the same pleasure out of it that I do. But if you can’t appreciate this as absolute genius….

you know.

2 thoughts on “New obsession”

  1. Wait a hold it. Back the fuck up. They’re available on Amazon? Now? Right now?
    Bugger. I…. why wasn’t I notified by the president of Amazon about this? Does he not KNOW how bad I want to be Pam? Hell, I’d even be Kreiger’s hologram sweetie if it gets my foot in the door.
    The ONLY thing that ever bothered me is how little like Archer the guy who does the voice (sorry, guy who does the voice, I suck at names) looks like. I mean, the rest of them kind of or even more than kind of look like their animated selves.
    Still, it’s Archer. Which means it’s perfect.
    Which means I need to go on Amazon, order the shit out of some DVDs, then call the CEO and bitch him out. I mean, it takes 2 minutes to pick up a phone, mister.

    1. Oh I can never look at the voice actors. It really fucks with my immersion.

      With. One. Exception.

      *sighs longingly*

      Abbey McBride <3

      Unfortunately all I can think of when she smiles adorably at the camera saying “That’s what I do for a living” is “Not anymore.”

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