Mikes XmlRpc Library

Mikes XmlRpc Library

Ok, this is what I’ve been working on for the last week. A fully-compliant (pending :p) XmlRpc client & server library in pure C++. Currently I’m interfacing with the Xerces SAX2 parser, but the decoupling is sufficient to make plugging in a new parse engine a near trivial task.

It exists entirely independent of any transport substrate, so it will work just duckily over HTTP, MQSeries, BEEP, SMTP or carrier pigeon. (Wait for the announcement of streaming protocol toolkits :p.)

Why did I do this thing? Because I got completely friggin fed up with xmlrpc-c, expat, libwww and lots of other stuff. I finally decided that if I wanted it done right (i.e. REALLY platform-independent *caugh* *caugh* *cygwin* *caugh*, REALLY C++, REALLY transport independent, really free of all that configure/libtool silliness) I was going to have to do it my damn self.

It’s distinctly possible that older C++ compliers won’t build it (namespaces, RTTI, etc.) News flash: I don’t care! The developer community has been coddling outdated development tools for WAY too long. You want to retro-fit this? Go ‘head. Send me the updates and I’ll consider pushing them in. But don’t count on it.

Oh yeah, btw: I’m not releasing until I’M happy with it. That means it has to:

  • be fully-functional
  • have more than sufficient documentation
  • include several test applications
  • include several example applications (no they’re not the same thing)