I’m typing this right in the WordPress editor, rather than using Q10 to write, then proofread, and post.

I DID open Q10 to write, but the words really didn’t come. I know I know, the easiest thing to overcome is writer’s block. You start with “I don’t know what to write” then write about what you’d be writing about if you COULD write, then it’s over. “Writer’s Block” doesn’t exist and anyone who tells you otherwise is fucking lying. Lying. “But it’s a real…” Lying.

This was different only in that I write here at the cigar lounge “with intent to post” and I just couldn’t come up with anything for about a half hour/45 minutes. It finally struck me.

I’ve got a LOT on my mind. A bunch of shit has happened in the last 5 days or so. Lots good. Lots bad. None of it can I post. Too many other people involved.

So what happened is those topics kept coming up and I kept trying to stomp them back down in favor of something else with the fervor of Daffy Duck.

But it…doesn’t work that way. Yeah there are other things I could write about. Sure a couple other things have come up even as I write this. But my mind is absolutely dominated by the four events that took place since my post from last Thursday. So I’ve really got little option but to write them out.

I know. People are going to be curious. But I can’t (read: won’t) discuss that here.

I just found it curious that the structure of the problem highlighted itself so clearly. Two years ago…hell, maybe even so little as three months ago, if this had happened I’d have just dicked around online and not written a word.