I’m mad as hell and can’t do anything about it

So I’m a pretty active redditor. Aaaannd if you don’t know what that is, I’m not going to tell you.

But one of the subreddits I poke around in frequently is /r/nightmusic. It’s a neat little sub with…well…night music. Again, if you don’t know what night music is… I just can’t help you.

But a few days ago, actually it might’ve been yesterday someone posted a link to a song from the late 70s and gates in my mind I didn’t know were there exploded with memories of a little bakelite AM radio next to my bed when I was a kid and songs I loved just because they were pleasing to the ear. My mind took up the soundtrack immediately as I closed my eyes and just listened to the brilliant fidelity of every note without having had to even click through.

I realized, on that mental playthrough, how good a song it really was. It wasn’t the mere fancy of a kid who liked tonal music that was easy to listen to. It’s really excellent. And… I’ve spent the last 38 years not listening to it or its bretheren. Not so much because I ‘grew up and thought they were cheesy’. But because they just didn’t come up.

What else? What else have I loved and missed for decades at a time? What colors and frequencies of life have I been blinded and deafened to without my knowledge, out of sheer inertia?

Anyway that song led me of course to others. So here they are, in the order I rediscovered them…

which of course led me to (the arguably better offering)…

Back and forth between these caused my youtube recommendations to skew wonderfully, bringing up yet another pair of “OH MY GOD!” songs…

and of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without…

which, when I finally listened to it the first time after something close to 20 years, absolutely floored me.

I mean, listen to that loud on a great set of headphones. It’ll bring tears to your eyes.

One thought on “I’m mad as hell and can’t do anything about it”

  1. This kind of music has always been more to H’s taste than to mine, mine being the super-quirky or headbanging. But when we first started dating, this is what I heard all the time. He’d play Al Stewart or Simply Red or Genesis or Alan Parson Project nearly constantly, the latter two of which might not fall under nightmusic, but still.
    I got to like them. Not fanatically, like I am about Jonathan Coulton. But well enough.
    And yes, I’d forgotten them too until now.

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