HHC: Prototyping frustration

I really, honestly and truly expected to be farther along with the quick little todo list from the other day by now.  But I’m thwarted by trying to do things the easy way.

Sure, it’s just an education problem on my part. I’m sure Growl for windows and/or Snarl are just fine.  But I can’t seem to get them to pull RSS feeds and I’ve wasted too much time on it already.  So I’m bailing on that approach for now while looking for another feed reader.

I didn’t want to get quite so hung up on this, but, for the purposes of a technology proof, a notification engine of some kind (even if it’s something that ends up being replaced or rewritten six or seven times) is a core piece of functionality.

Sure, I’m sorta reading ahead, because I’ve got a pretty good picture in my head of what I think I want this all to look like on the back end (a design that may not survive contact with the development, to be sure.)

So what I’m going to do right now is pick up a couple RSS Readers and get them running so I can at least have something scaffolded out.  Hell, I may write my own before this is all over. I’ve done it before, it’s not exactly a high-end piece of computer science.

So… RSSOwl, here we come.

And, as always, if you’ve got a suggestion for a better component/solution to some of this stuff, I’m all ears.

EDIT: So.  Fucking.  Frustrated.  I installed RSSOwl, but it wouldn’t start. So instead I’m using Thunderbird’s RSS support.  It’s definitely NOT what I want.  It won’t handle the style of “push notification” semantic I’m looking for. BUT I put all my reddit RSS feeds in there, so at least it will serve the purpose of behaving as a proxy so I don’t have to go monkeying around directly to every social media site.

“Whatever. It’s…fine.”  *twitch*