Index: Huge Honkin Console

In a meager and perhaps completely futile attempt to keep myself honest I’ve tentatively decided that I’m going to chart the progress of actually putting the HHC system together here, complete with notes, design decisions, etc.

I’ve spent an awful lot of my life hoarding hard-won knowledge and while I don’t think there’s the slightest thing wrong with that (you fuckers still aren’t getting my cookie recipe) I’m not sure the tactic has done me any favors.

So in the interest of experimentation, let’s try this out and see what comes of it.

Here are the posts referring to the HHC project so far.  This is going to be incomplete for now. But I’ve got to put them someplace:

WordPress Wiki Plugin?

HHC Brainstorming 1

HHC Brainstorming 2

HHC Protoyping Frustration

2020/10/12: Tech Brainstorming

2020/11/18: Water Under the Bridge

2020/11/18: Water Under the Bridge Continued

Yeah, see in that 11/18 post I knew I’d posted a lot of the same stuff.  It’s in that top “WordPress Wiki Plugin” post.  I’ll leave them both because it’s fun.