Gobble Gobble

I’ve got nothin’ today guys, sorry. 

Just got back from a spectacular Thanksgiving day at Frank’s place.

Truly spectacular food, great cigars, rather a lot of whiskey and above all, great company, for which I’m extraordinarily thankful.

For my part I made lemon bars and pignoli cookies20221124_101706

The lemon bars are bog standard.  I use this recipe. BUT I multiply the crust by 1.5, so it’s:

3 Cups of flour

3/4 Cups of sugar

1/3 Teaspoon of salt

3 sticks of butter.

Other than that, it’s this, by the book: https://www.thepioneerwoman.com/food-cooking/recipes/a12104/lemon-bars/

I find that when you use the zest AND the juice they’re super tart, which I adore.  But it justifies the 1.5x crust quite well. 

The pignoli cookies are straight off Giada’s recipe.


A note about those: If you’re unfamiliar with making them, the recipe reads almost like a meringue.  It’s not.  Put all the ingredients in a food processor and blend the absolute everloving shit out of them.  Make sure you cube the almond paste first because it’s really tough, having the texture of something between clay and old play-doh.

At 350 for 16-18 minutes (there’s no real  way to tell by feel if they’re done), the pine nuts are a little too darkly toasted which I think adversely affects the flavor, if subtly.  So I’m going to turn the heat down to maybe 300 and increase the cook time to 20-25 minutes next time.  But, like I said, it’s pretty much impossible to tell if they’re done by touching them.  So I’m not sure how they’ll go.

Also, I like using whites from extra large eggs rather than large.  It makes more of a difference than I expected.

I realized today that I’d never had a slice of my mother’s apparently famous pumpkin pie.

I just took a few advil and a couple electrolyte tablets with a couple tall glasses of water and am heading to bed as I’ve got to be in work in a little less than 10 hours.