Full And Well Rested

That “Sleep When Hungry, Eat When Tired” post I put up a couple days ago has gotten me thinking. (It’s been a long time since I’ve considered writing more the result of thinking than the cause of it.)

Cigargoyle read it on his nightcap that night and as he read it I realized that it didn’t…quite have the gravitas that I thought it would as I was writing it. By which I really only mean that I could have gone much farther than I did.

No no, this isn’t going to be an attempt to correct that. It was just something I found interesting.

The thing I’ve been thinking about, which I couldn’t (but feel like I should) have considered is that articulating those things which have been kicking around in my head in some nebulous form clearly, if insufficiently, resulted in a net clarity that was far beyond my intention.

I’ve known this was going to happen to some extent. But even a bit under 48 hours later I’ve been able to clearly recalibrate a lot of things by asking myself if they contribute to a best case or worst case day.

Some of that may be the “manic” energy of the upswing I’m prone to; those “today is the first day of the rest of my life and I’m going to do everything right from now on” type moments that generally accompany an empty stomach and a bunch of caffeine. Usually those are good for a couple days of frenetic positivity that ends in a

But it doesn’t feel like that. It feels nice and clear.

It’s weird. I’m really not used to feeling nice and clear about anything. My brain is a thousand screaming demons vying for dominance.

In the time since I’ve spent a bit of time listing out my pending projects (I like to do that from scratch now and again rather than just going back to my ever-growing list of projects and ideas. It helps filter them out.) and asking myself what the value is in each of them.

For instance: I’ve “felt I should” get on top of modern javascript programming technologies for a while. So I’ve got a bucket of (free) courses on udemy that I’ve been following along with to learn React and other frameworks. On the blackboard in my kitchen is (or, was) “Finish the course.” I set about yesterday going back in to it for an hour before realizing: It’s crap. That nonsense is all nonsense. Yeah there’s a reason to learn to write javascript/html5/css. But those goofy tools people have created seem to exist primarily so that a novice programmer can avoid learning how to actually use the tools. So I realized it was a goal that wasn’t worth accomplishing. I deleted the entire source tree, uninstalled node and erased that line on my blackboard, replacing it (for now) with “Fuck the course.”

Felt good to cut away dead weight.

I have a couple other projects that received similar treatment.

Then my mind bent to some of the weirder stuff I’ve been working on: The raspberry pi internet radio, the cyberdeck (I haven’t mentioned that more than in passing here. But it’s a neat project.) I thought “Do these pull in the right direction or are they a waste of creatie energy.”

I came to “there are projects worth pursuing merely for the love of them, even if they never leave the prototype stage to see if I’m actually interested enough to pursue the field further” so those two in particular stayed.

I didn’t get rid of as much as I thought I was going to with that process (though I’ve yet to go spelunking into my software projects, which are legion.) But the increased clarity of understanding what it was I intended to get out of them, why I was really doing them, made them all the more valuable.

It’s only a couple days. But this is really the kind of thing I’ve been looking for. Taking an ideal and backing out from that to trying to bring those things to fruition.

It’s almost like Jordan Peterson was right.

Who knew?