Since I hit post on the previous entry I’ve been going over the old half-baked posts I’ve started and outlined and such.

A lot of them are things that are really fresh in my mind, vignettes that all mesh together with a lot of possibility in the aggregate story. There’s some synergy in these things. I can see it quite clearly, with none of the odd confusion of “seeing possibilities off in the fog” that I’m usually talking about when I mention such things.

But the problem I’m having is the opposite of the normal one: There’s SO much information that I don’t even know where to start. I’ve gotten to a point where I’ve started just bulleting ideas and little encapsulations of scenes, hoping I’ll be able to get back to them and fill in the details when I’m a little less overwhelmed with the sheer scope of it all.

Even when I am working on filling in details, it’s really a transcription task, since the things I’m talking specifically about are actual events. So that doesn’t take TOO much mental energy.

Okay, so I end up typing out what happened in a way that doesn’t tax my head. So what ends up happening is that the writing task becomes a mental context that the unused horsepower of my head just rolls over thinking while I’m typing. It’s damn near disassociative. I come up with ideas and directions while I’m typing, thinking about where things are going to go, what lessons I could emphasize and pull out of the text and these events, what else to relate to it, etc.

Ordinarily if I’m doing something and my head goes off in that kind of mode, I can just take myself some notes in the middle of the process. But not when I’m already writing. That’d be a little meta even for me. I’m terrified of breaking stride, the near Flow state I’ve reached. So half the damn things that come to mind about direction, theme, the long callback and such just leave my head as fast as they come in to it. Drives me out of my damned mind…or would if I’d let it.

Hell, I’ve got half a mind to have a recorder at hand and see if I can talk about one thing while I’m writing another. I’m not at all sure I couldn’t do it. I don’t think so though. There’s something about engaging the “language expression circuit” whether it’s for typing or speaking, as if it can actually only do one thing at a time.

It’s pretty frustrating.

I suppose the only solution really is to just power through it and blast out details like a brainstorming session. Grab a stick (or not) loop something groovy like Acid Raindrops and just keep typing ’til I exhaust myself, then type some more.

And sure, most of it won’t make the cut. That’s fine. I’m not looking for all the words to make it all the way through. Large blocks and sub-scenes would likely be carved out and dropped. But I can’t know which ones would and wouldn’t make the cut until I get the whole thing down and see what’s actually there.

Pretty excellent problem to have, all things considered. But it’s not the kind of thing I’d ever have EXPECTED to be a problem.

Eh. I was just thinking about that while trying to decide whether to relight this cigar or not. So you get two today.