Day 1: So far so good

I was getting a little crazy with amazon purchases back in May and June. Plus, I bought my livingroom set, drank a lot, smoked a bunch of good cigars and, well, created friction burns on my wallet.

So I decided “meh, what the hell.” and made July a “No Spend July” wherein I’d spend money on nothing that wasn’t critical. Gas, food, basic bills.

It went pretty smoothly, so last night as I drifted off (admittedly fantasizing about my amazon order) I figured “Ya know…I could probably stand to do a month off of caffeine.” Especially since I was popping a pair of nodoz a day and drinking diet mountain dew by the literal case aaannnd it wasn’t doing me much good.

So, sure, I figured. Why the hell not.

Aside from some horrible 2:30 naptime blues and a bit of dazed wanderings in Lowes at lunchtime, I’m actually pretty okay. No apocalyptic caffeine headache or anything.

I expect, though, that today was almost certainly a mulligan.

One thought on “Day 1: So far so good”

  1. I ran out of coffee at one point and refused to put on clothes that weren’t pajamas and go get more that early. We have no Starbucks, nor any coffee establishment, for miles and miles. I felt the lack, oh yes I did, about 10:00AM, ass-deep in GenPop moronicy and unable to summon the energy or brainpower to tell them exactly how to bugger off and find that crotchfire that surely karma had in store for them.
    Day two wasn’t quite as bad, because somewhere in the backwash of my brainfog on Day one, I said to myself, “Well, let’s treat it like a challenge. And for every day you forgo, you get a dollar.” It became a fun test, distracting myself when the mists would swirl.
    I lasted until day 10. I took my “winnings” and bought some coffee.

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