Checking in

2022-12-17: Smokey

Well it’s been a while. But I figured this Saturday before Christmas, with no obligations at all that even though I’m a bit oversmoked it might be good to come down the hill like the old days, set up a laptop, smoke an mj12 Maduro, drink a fuck ton of caffeine and put some words down.

Posting every day last month was an interesting exercise, but it was one that turned the act of putting words down into a fucking chore. Not that I’m all that shit hot at it when I’m on my game to begin with. But it was just a pointless drudge and by December first I couldn’t have been payed to look at another letter.

As I…well I was gonna say ‘implied’ but it’s actually “blasted out as a last-line zinger” the task of putting down (much less out) words had become a perfectly toxic notion.

I ended up depriving myself something close to completely of my primary mechanism for organizing thoughts and ideas, which did me no damned favors at all.

I’m not at all sure it wouldn’t be something close to completely different if I’d had an actual object or prescribed topic or set of topics. That might have worked out quite all right, in that regard at least. I’m quite sure the creative brain lock I’d have dealt with if I’d said “I’m going to do a post a day of at least 1000 words on ” may have been worse in the long run.

Who the hell knows. It’s not worth belaboring.


My PKMS/Wiki/Publishing code is starting to gel pretty nicely. Obnoxiously, WordPress (my current and interim solution for the front end) doesn’t want to let me use the xmlrpc api without an ssl certificate and I just don’t give enough of a shit to bother, so I’m going to work around it. I have absolutely no reason to have site access restricted to SSL.

I haven’t worked on the code in a few days as my brain is getting wrapped around a post in anticipation of the Christmas drive up to The People’s Republic of Jersey next week.

But I really want to get it across the line to where I’m publishing right to the website from the wiki in emacs. That way I can just flag certain notes and topics as being public and some as not, regenerating the relevant portions of the site as needed and making the thing completely static on the user side, with a couple surprises to fuck with anyone who’d try and snake the thing.

Becuase right now I’m going to switch topics a couple times and those things really belong with their own kind, not embedded in this post and therefore lost forever.

But seeing as how it’s still just now and not yet then, it’s how it’s going to be.

Watching people come through the door of the cigar lounge is actually pretty fascinating. I can’t see shit as it’s pretty dark in here and super bright outside, so all I can see is their outline as they walk in. Because I’ve been coming here pretty regularly for a while (in fact, MOST days over the last two and a half years I’ve been in here for at least a bit) I can identify a significant number of the regulars by their gate and posture alone.


This will end up being a post, if not a series. But for now, as I mentioned above, it goes in here.

I’ve been thinking a lot, though perhaps not all that deeply, about the horrible interference layers that SEEM to be increasing our inability to communicate.

What’s strange is that I’m seeing it on absolutely all fronts. Between the social obstacles that have seeped out of the left in the form of The New Puritanism through all manner of social structures in private corporations through regulatory load and bureaucracy and even in my own field, programming and information systems architecture.

It’s getting harder and harder to get anything done across the board, as if there’s some kind of gunshy hyper-safety consciousness that has absolutely infected all areas of earthly life.

Programming, to take a concrete example, has become an exercise in dicking around with security models and abstraction layers so fucking Byzantine that what would be a simple (and fast) hundred line piece of software has turned into an absolute fucking circus of containerization and decoupling. And people seem to be sold on this garbage, claiming, out loud with their face mouth that it “makes things easy once you get it all set up.” This of course couldn’t possibly be further from the truth. You could just Do The Thing. But instead you’ve got to do a bunch of stuff to set it up so that the thing can be done.

Conversationally people are just getting bound up in this strange “anticipation of propriety.” It’s not even a matter of having calcified social rules. It’d be one thing if we had a spreading of neo victorian or georgian rules of etiquette, but that’s not the case. The problem is that people don’t seem to even know what the fucking rules ARE anymore, so they stumble around in the dark trying to navigate the most rudimentary interactions.

And I don’t think I need to even comment overmuch on what’s happened with the mass swelling of government regulatory load bogging everything down.

But take a minute and think about the number of seemingly separate ways this is true, where it’s going on and I swear to fuck it looks like a pattern, like a phenomenon.

It’s SO true that it feels absolutely Wu.

But this was just a little intro to my thoughts on the topic (which include some interesting stuff from Snow Crash that happened to come across my ears a day after I’d started thinking about the points Stephenson raised, poignantly) to tickle both my brain and perhaps yours.

I’m gonna hit post now, finish this mj12 maduro and hang out a bit.