Character Dossiers?

Character Dossiers?

In an attempt to cut down on the number of wires I’ve got growing off me when I sit here at the cigar lounge I’ve bought a wireless keyboard and mouse. Now that SHOULD be an amazing boon. But it’s just awful. I’m not at all sure if it’s awful because the keyboard is shit (though it really doesn’t feel awful) or if the wireless connection is somehow spotty, like it’s using UDP or something.

So…”here’s a thing”

I’ve been thinking about writing and it finally occurred to me that a bunch of the ideas and techniques I use in software development might be well adapted to the process.

Most notably the idea of keeping a library of ideas, people, plot points, settings and such. After all, musicians have notebooks of lyrics, us programmers have fucking ENDLESS libraries of reusable snippets of code and architecture, up to the design-pattern level. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to geek out too much.)

I kinda tripped over the idea when I was thinking about (nerd alert) actually starting to write up personality profiles of people I encountered so that I had something to draw personality traits from when I needed a character. Well, why not? I can’t see a reason it wouldn’t work perfectly.

At this point I figure an actual author might read this and react with “Well DUH.” But hey, gimme my late blooming realizations 😉

At this point the only thing that remains is to pick some templates and start making sketches.

*spends a few minutes searching the internet*

Wow, okay. Yeah I’m really late to the party.

There is SO much out there for maintaining libraries of characters.

The trick now is going to be maintaining them all in one place such that I can go to it and add, tweak and otherwise just straight up screw with it all well enough.

I could use a OneNote notebook, since that’ll be accessible from all of my devices. But that lacks something. I’d LIKE to use one of my midori traveller notebooks. Actually…meh, fuck it. I’ll do that. Probably a hybrid of that and an electronic solution.

Hmm…I thought there’d be more to say about this, but there really isn’t.