The Universal Church of Cosmic Uncertainty

So…I’ve been planning, weakly, to post stuff from the old blog up. It was titled

“The Universal Church of Cosmic Uncertainty:

A potentially painful excursion into the unabashedly narcissistic day-to-day ramblings of a severely A.D.D. ubergeek, baker, & fledgling world graveller. :P”

So I’m going to start doing that, backdating the posts to their original times. I’m going to TRY to remember to tag them UCCU or something. But we’ll see how that goes.

Of course, if something is just irrelevant or full of now-dead links I’ll skip it. But otherwise, it’s all coming over.

I’d give just about anything to not think this was as cool as it is. It marks me so terribly. But DAMN this is cool 😉

Majorleague cool: Blog Toaster. Pings you with an instant message when a weblog you have pre-programmed updates on weblogs.com. I just figured out how really cool this thing is. You can importort your “radio” subscriptions opml file! [Adam Curry: Adam Curry’s Weblog]

“There we go. Got the NYC Bloggers link & graphic up there. I had some trouble with Radio figuring out which template to drop it in so it shows up there. These templates all really look the same to me.

I’d so much rather use Zope. But I’m a bit too fatigued to make the switch. Plus, where could I get that hosted?

Well, it’s official. Laura (my sister) now lives here. I’m now one of those very strange people with cats. Yeesh. uhm… yeah. I guess so.

And I thought I had too much crap before.

This is just great. See, truth be told I’m one of them. I can travel all over, but somehow when I’m home I’m still a bit of a shutin.

Meetup: Meatspace camaraderie for Internet shut-ins. Meetup: a new service where you indicate your interests and your location, automatically locate other people local to you with similar interests, vote on a place to hang out and actually, you know, meet up. As an Internet shut-in with a permanent computer-tan, I’m a little leery of meeting up with actual raw biomass in meatspace, but I suppose that there’s some reason to hang out in real-life. Link Discuss (Thanks, Scott!) [bOing bOing]

Today is ALL about cleaning in anticipation of the first wave of Laura’s stuff, including the kitties!

Ok, maybe it’s not so much cleaning as deconstruction. The bedroom that had been relegated to “walk-in closet and full box repository” actually has a hardwood floor.

I didn’t know that.

I’m a search result!!!

HEY COOL!!! I just looked at my referer log and although it only had one entry, it looks like that was a legitimate hit! 🙂 ( 🙁 )

Someone did a search on “Michael Wilson pics” on yahoo and I came up first! Most likely this is one of 7 people with whom I went to Costa Rica.

Sorry people, the scanned pics total about 250 megs, can’t quite post that many. If you’re one of those 7 crazy people, don’t worry I’m burning CD-ROMs for everybody with all of them (even the boring ones) and will distribute them at the little get together we’re going to have someday.

I can’t believe I have to wait a WHOLE NOTHER HOUR for my news aggregator to download more articles. Maybe I’ll get dressed and shave.

It’s a bit tough to stay disciplined while out of work. No matter how many interesting projects you’ve got going.