Birthday Dinner :-)

“Just got back from the B.B. King Blues Club. My sister Liz& her boyfriend Dan took me to see the “Birthday Tribute to Curtis Mayfield” show with Carlton J. Smith & Friends (whom I mention only because it’s a name you NEED to remember) for my birthday (3 more days w00t!!!) And DAMN I’ve got a couple things to say about THAT.

The Room:

The room at B.B. King Blues Club rocks. They’ve somehow done a great job at making a huge club look like a teeny club. And it’s a really comfortable place. This is in start contrast to the Blue Note, which makes a small club look like a smaller club and you feel like a sardine.

The Food:

Eat before you come. No I’m serious. The food isn’t “terrible” but if you want a great night then do the following: Go out for dinner then come to BBKs for more drinks and the show. The appetizers (we got a fruit & cheese plate and the ka-bobs) were CLEARLY prepared in the early afternoon. The menu looks great (aside from the prices), the food is presented ok and when you take a bite you’ll shrug. It wasn’t BAD, but it did bring down the experience a half-notch.

The Show:

Oh MAN the show. Carlton J. Smith knows how to rock a house, he MCed the evening and took a couple numbers on himself, working the crowd like a true master. Keep an eye out for this guy. The guest singers (I guess these were the “and friends”) ranged from ‘oh my god’ to ‘why are they up there?’. Carlton has a clear personal investment in a good time, loves to showcase talent and please a crowd.

He’s doing a tribute to Sly & the Family Stone on July 5th. I’m all over that. Hope to see you there. Lemme know if you’re coming!

  • Room: 8/10
  • Food: 4/10
  • Show: 9/10
  • Overall: 8/10