Been busy? No, sorry. Been busy.

It’s been a shitty and excellent week.

Got to go see Jordan Peterson at the Ryman on Monday night, which was awesome. I’ve lived down here a little over two and a half years and I’d never been to the Ryman, 2 blocks from my apartment. Plus Jordan Peterson is just awesome, especially when he’s lecturing casually to a friendly audience, rather than being interviewed by some sanctimonious leftist with a third of his IQ.

I’ve got a new HiTorque lathe I’m finally tooled up enough to start noodling around with, so there’ll be pics of and from that over the coming weeks I’m sure.

Work is a screaming nightmare. But we interviewed someone excellent; a fellow kung-fu master with whom hit it off with SO well that if he were hired it would change my long term plans.

Unfortunately we also apparently tendered an offer to someone diametrically opposed to him on the quality scale. I’m still trying to figure out how they’d net out if they both accepted.

On the dark side, my father passed away last Friday. I’m…almost fine about it. What I suspect is happening is I’m outrunning my brain about it and at some point I’m going to stop to take a breath and get caught in a shitstorm of emotions. That’s fine. Didn’t really happen after 9/11; I compartmentalized that pretty well. So this is a wildcard. It wasn’t sudden or unexpected. At the end he was just tired of the slow slide.

I’ll leave you on that chipper note.