About Me

Hi! I’m YOUR NAME. Thanks for stopping by.

There’s no telling how you found your way here.  But if you’re just clicking around trying to figure out who the hell Michael Wilson is (me) and why you should care (I’m…not sure you should) then the best place to start is probably here:

Index Posts: This is a link to a couple top-level indices of ongoing conversations and series’ of posts I’ve been working through.  In all likelihood you’re looking for the 9/11 account, which is right through that link as well.

I’m going to add some software development and other project posts to that list “once I get organized.”

As backwards as it seems, my twitter account has a “pinned post” with a bunch of stuff: Videos I find particularly notable, etc.  That’s over here: Wild Bill Flint.

“Wild Bill Flint”?  Well yeah.  See…a long long time ago I took one of those silly web quizzes “What’s your pirate name” and it came up with Mad William Flint, which I kinda liked the sound of, especially since an internet friend of mine came up “Dirty Grace Flint.”

Now, “Michael Wilson” is essentially “John Smith” when it comes to the internet.  It’s McName.  So whenever a new service starts up and I look for “mwilson” it’s taken. So I started using madwilliamflint everywhere, especially twitter.  Well that was great for…jesus…for 14 years. But I’d finally had enough of some lefty journo and I blurted out what I thought of her.  Twitter suspended me quite definitively. So enter “Wild Bill Flint.”