9/4/17 *blink blink*


Well thank god August is over. Turns out I did do the full month with no wheat whatsoever. What a shitshow. I mean it was great. But it was really taxing on my willpower, especially since it was also a “No Amazon” month.

I think I’ve decided not to do THAT anymore. I end up focusing really hard on the day after the prohibition is lifted. So what I do is add things to my shopping cart all month, then place the order at midnight like some kind of “I don’t even have an analogy for this”, osTENSIBLY after I’ve gone through it and pulled out things I had second thoughts about. This month I pulled the trigger on an order so large that Amazon was literally, LITERALLY, mind you, moving things to the “save for later” shopping cart section as I added them. I managed to spend $nevermind in 30 seconds. It was truly horrifying.

But oh the toys 🙂

Yesterday I created a Raspberry Pi “pi-hole” which allows me, at its most basic level, to block ads from anywhere on my network by routing all DNS queries through the Pi. That’s great and all, but I have something different in mind for taking this a little farther:

One of my constant frustrations is the addictive nature of social media, most notably Twitter and Reddit. I can “go check something” and blink to find it 4 hours later, not quite sure where the time went.

I can (and frequently do) edit the hosts file on my desktop and route those domains back to localhost. It solves the problem for a while, but it’s a pain in the ass to block and unblock things at specified time intervals.

So what I’m working towards is setting up a little cron job on the raspberry pi that will add and remove things from a block list at intervals, so I can work uninterrupted by my own impulse to distract myself, yet still “check in” for a half hour at lunchtime or at night.

Currently I’ve got all of this running on a Raspberry Pi 3. But when my Pi Zeros get here I’m going to just migrate the thing over to one of those instead. No reason to tie up the computing power of one of these things for something simple as that. Or maybe I could just add a bunch more stuff to it. I’m not sure I want to make these (I’ve got a few, remember? toys?) too general purpose. I’d hate like hell to be fucking around with some html screen scraper and /r/opendirectories download script and have it bork DNS for my entire lan.

After no small frustration I’ve set up an 8T drive as a usb drive on another pi, so that I can use it as the aforementioned downloader. There’s some work to be done on that front though. I need some way of giving it a queue of things to download. Plus I need to prioritize download tasks. I’d REALLY like it to scrape some twitter feeds. There are some funky people out there and I hate missing their stuff.

But now I’ve got to go take my project list (which has gotten huge) and sort it into doable stuff.

And I’ve got to figure out how to sync up the data off my iPad with the rest of my universe.

Yeah. I bought an iPad. No. That’s not part of the big amazon order. It’s a whole other thing. Damn thing is huge.