7/9/2017: But…I don’t even LIKE hot sauce

I just finished bottling my first round of hot sauce attempts. I’d say hot sauces, but at this point I think that would be pretty damn brazen.

Most of them follow the following form:

– Get a bunch of dried peppers
– Chop them up roughly
– Jam as much as can fit into a 32oz mason jar
– Almost top off with water and a bit less than a teaspoon of salt.
– Put an airlock on it
– Wait a month
– Pour contents into blender
– Burn out blender motor
– Buy new blender
– Pour resulting pulp over a strainer into a bowl.
– Take the resulting liquid and boil it down to thicken it (do this more than you think.)
– Experiment with mixing it with stuff. Vinegar, Coconut milk, a little bit of simple syrup, etc, are all candidates.
– Determine it’s now too watery so put it back on the stove and add a teaspoon of corn starch.
– Wonder why the fuck SOME of them turn damn near to paste with a tsp of corn starch and some are not affected at all.
– Say “fuck it”, put them all in bottles, labeling them with the original source pepper and the list of additives (encoded.)
– End up with this:

Hot sauce 101

Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited to bring these to work and see what happens tomorrow. I’m not SUCH a fan of hot sauces, so these are pretty mild, all things considered. I like the flavor on all of them enough that I’d use them myself.

Aside from the hot sauce stuff…I did some clothes shopping today, which is remarkably weird for me. But I just can’t keep wearing jeans to work. I know it’s allowed. But it’s fucking low class. So off to Tommy Hilfiger (really? ME!?!) for a couple pairs of pants and then I hit the Banana Republic sale (70% off dress shirts? uhm…Yes please.) and picked up a 4 or 5 shirts (I honestly forget) and a belt. Need to go shoe shopping this week at some point as well.

Felt good. Didn’t get any post-purchase regret.