7/8/17 Still feel like I haven’t done anything

Well, I didn’t get as much done on the notebooks as I thought, so no pictures.

But I did rack a few gallons of mead, bake a few loaves of sourdough (one using my new dutch oven, with disastrous results), banged out another chapter in the roguelike dev tutorial, I ran through a round of filtering the hot sauce stuff and…

hmm. No I guess that’s it.

But I still feel like I somehow wasted the day. It’s 9 at night and I’ve still got that “well I need to accomplish SOMEthing today” itch.

I mean, as impulses go, it’s a fine one. There’s just something gnawing at me.

Hrmpf. I’ll figure it out I suppose.

Crap. Completely lost my train of thought.

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