I’ve got to stop waiting ’til near midnight to post. At this point I’m just looking for enough words to put down so I can say I did it.

Kicked off a major new project at work involving having purchased 200k lines of mediocre C++ code we’re going to retrofit. I’m excited for the work, but there’s no way they’re actually going to let me work on it. It’s going to be a stream of constant interruptions.

Tomorrow I’m going to have a pic or two of the notebook covers I’ve just started making. I absolutely adore the Midori Traveler notebooks. There’s nothing to them really. It’s just a rectangular piece of leather with a few holes in it and some elastic bands threaded through. Then you can slide notebooks (of a very specific, proprietary size) through the elastic and hold a few of them at a time. Fill up a notebook and just replace it….with one of a very specific proprietary size you pretty much have to buy from them, someone on etsy, or make one yourself.

WHICH, as I see it, is a bunch of fucking bullshit.

So a couple months ago I bought a piece of leather and a few of those 3x5ish Field Notes notebooks, and make a little cover for them. It’s great. I need to tweak it a LITTLE. But…like I said, it’s a rectangular piece of leather with 5 holes in it.

Now, that size is a bit too small for me for a normal day-to-day notebook, so I picked up a few of those 5×8 moleskine notebooks, a larger piece of leather and made one for them. It’s awesome. I MAY have gone a bit overboard on the neatsfoot oil, because it comes off on my hands a bit (and on the inside of my bag, the notebook inserts, and anything else it touches.) But I love the feel of the thing.

Last weekend I cut a couple more out and am trying to be a bit more conservative with the oil. It seems to be working just fine. So yesterday I went back to Barnes & Noble and bought two three packs of notebooks, got back to the office and….found out they were the wrong size. Somehow I managed to get the really large 7.5×10 inch books. Well….I mean… returning things is such a pain in the ass, so I ordered a big piece of leather (which should get here tomorrow) and today I went BACK to Barnes & Noble and bought the right size inserts, plus some smaller ones.

I figure, if I use thin enough leather, I can make them pretty small and still have full functionality. I’m not sure though. We’ll see.

What I should really do at this point is get some numeric dies so I can number them. I’m up to 4 actually made, with at least 4 more tomorrow.

It’s funny what happens when people see them. “Oh, I didn’t know you do leatherwork!” I don’t. These aren’t “leatherwork.” It’s making 4 cuts, wiping it with some oil, punching 5 or 7 holes, and threading some elastic band through them. Tada.

I’m probably going to do something with all the hot sauce fermentation thingamabobs too. That’s been going…I think 3 weeks, might be 4, probably isn’t 2. But I’ve got to do some reading to see what the next stage of that is. Definitely should be fun.

And yes, I’ll have pictures of that, if not extensive details.