7/4/2017: It only took 40 years

Since I was first exposed to computers at least two things have been true:

– I’ve been dicking around with them trying to make them do things
– I’ve been playing games on them.

It is nothing short of astonishing to me that I’ve never actually combined those two pursuits and written even the most rudimentary of games.

Well, a bit ago I was haunting the roguelikedev subreddit, and noticed they were starting a weekly python roguelike tutorial. So I figured sure, let’s do it.

Once a week is PRETTY slow for 45 minute lessons, especially if I’m jazzed about something. But I worked through them, cringing a fair bit at the quality of the code.

I resolved to leave it alone until it was done, then I’d set about cleaning up.

Last night/this morning I’d had quite enough waiting, so I went hunting around and figured out that the tutorial was a revised version of an existing one that’s been long complete.

So this morning, after bacon, I started just plowing through the original version. The (a) problem with THAT one is it’s far FAR messier than the recent one. The whole thing is in one script file, which is a mess of spaghetti coupling.

I made it through lesson 7 out of 13 before I just positively burnt myself out. But I’ll have it done over the next few days I’m sure.

I’m finding the impulse to improve it as I go along tremendously difficult to hold to. But the code and approach is weird enough that if I screw with it TOO much, even in the name of cleaning it up, I won’t be able to follow it any longer. So, again, no matter. I’ll clean it up when I’m done.

Pretty exciting though, I have to say.

I have SUCH plans 😉