7/3/2017: Huge Honkin….Wiki?

I was looking at my project list, which is getting a little outlandish at 43 separate programming projects alone, and decided to finally tackle #29: Minimal Python Wiki. I used the bottle wsgi framework instead of rolling a cgi, because I guess that’s what you’re supposed to do nowadays. Sure feels like jamming configuration information into the code base. But whatever.

I cheated, in that I started with the bottle “todo list” tutorial and started adding routes for my wiki stuff. I immediately realized I could add it to the same code base with no issues as long as the route mapping didn’t clash.

And I think it was that little decision that gave me my little insight: A wiki is just a degenerate form of content management system with a clever naming/linkage convention. There’s really nothing stopping it from handling more semantically interesting data formats through pluggable modules, if it’s designed right.

Going back to my project list I started seeing a bunch of things emerging. A nontrivial number of these projects could be easily folded in to the same front end (well…same protocol and control layer, UX be damned.)

So I seem to have accidentally found a home for my HugeHonkinConsole project, in the humble form of an old school Wiki framework.

It really highlights yet again the importance of just GETTING STARTED. You can’t hold “it all” (whatever the crap ‘it’ is) in your head. The image, no matter how detailed you make it out to be, is wrong. Not insufficient (though certainly that) but flat out wrong. You don’t know what you’re going to encounter until you set out and actually start throwing shovelfuls of dirt.

Trying to plan a project from scratch insulates you perfectly from those happy little epiphanies that just sort of show up when you’re working on something. THOSE are the places where brilliance is born far more frequently than leaning back studiously with your fingers templed.

So yes. Yet another instance of life arguing against procrastination and planning. Figures.