7/28/2017: MOAR PEPPERS!

It’s clear that the yield on these one-quart jars, pretty as they are, is just not high enough to experiment with.

I get about 2-3 of those square bottles….MAYbe out of one of these.

So I went to walmart and picked up a couple gallon jars and


some jalapenos (well…the jalapenos were from publix, not walmart.)…

I actually was able to get them all in there, startling as that may be. It may also have been an awesome mistake. If that thing starts bubbling over I’m gonna be in a tough spot, so I’m setting the whole thing in a cookie sheet (with it’s minimal 1/3″ walls) for the first couple weeks, ’til it calms down.

I MAY just take a bunch out and blend them, to reduce their volume a bit. I mean that’s what I’m gonna do to them on the back end anyway and I’m not sure I believe it makes a lick of difference.

I also picked up about a pound of garlic. That I’m going to treat a bit differently. I’m going to mash that to death in a food processor, squeeze it as close to dry as I can, then spread the pulp out on a cookie sheet (don’t worry, I have several) and bake it at something like 200 degrees for 6 hours. Just turn it all to dust, then see what I can do with it. Probably mix it back in with the extracted juice and, after I tip some weapons in it and let them dry (can never be too careful about vampires down here) I’ll put it in some vinegar and see if I can use it as the basis for an interesting sauce.

There will be no fermenting of garlic until I get a multi-chamber charcoal filter for the blowoff. That was just too disgusting for words. But there are a lot of ways to do this besides puttin’ its head in a boot jack and yankin’ on its tail.

I ALso bought ingredients for marinara, ketchup, and limoncello. So…we’ll see how motivated I get this weekend.