7/27/17: Next month’s stuff…

We’re only two weeks away from Agents of Mayhem’s release.

AoM is the next game by the guys who did the absolutely impeccable Saint’s Row series, the only video game that tempted me to get a tattoo besides Skyrim, which really came later anyway. No, I didn’t go through with either. Though maybe I should. Not like I’m ruining a piece of art or anything.

I’ve kept away from trailers and previews, except for the very first one. Plus, I’ve blocked their twitter account. I really really REALLY hate getting visuals of things I’m already sold on.

I don’t watch coming attractions, trailers, nothing. It’s pretty easy, not having cable. But people will still send me links to things and whine when I don’t watch them. That’s fine.

So next month I’ve decided I’m giving up wheat. Not because I’m one of those insufferable fucking shitbags. Just because the monthly “give up a thing or two” has turned into a cakewalk. Time to amp up and hit this where it hurts.

I think the next phase of this whole thing, which I’ve been doing for more than a year now, is going to be going 3 months at a time, and trying to come up with some kind of criteria for deciding on whether I want to make some of these changes permanent. It’s all well and good to dick around with doing something good for myself. It’s another thing to be at all serious about improving my life.

But that’s all I’ve got going on in my head. I really want nothing more than to go hang out in the commonwealth and snipe some raiders and synths.