7/26/17: Reaching the end of a couple ropes

First, this “post every day” thing is getting really threadbare. It would be different if I didn’t just wait ’til the end of the night when all I want to do is go to bed to post. So, come Tuesday, posting is gonna get sparse, fast.

Second: We have a monthly billing process in the office. Because what we do involves a lot of money moving (not a lot of money, just between lots of parties) the details are somewhat obscene in complexity. Anyway the guy (THE guy) who handles billing started a bit less than a month before I did. He’s ostensibly a DBA, but…he’s the only one that can call himself that with a straight face. He’s a junior web developer.

For 20 months I’ve watched this kid thrash with the billing process. He’s “had it under control” while sweating through it every single period. He will neither ask for nor accept help. The manager is a complete push over, so he just shrugs it off.

It’s absolute torture. He forgets major steps on a daily basis, then wonders why the numbers don’t (manually) tie out. You wouldn’t believe a company in the digital age operates like this.

It just make me furious to watch. Soon as there’s a problem our manager puts his headphones on, hoping to avoid it.

I’ve never dealt with anyone like el jefe, the cto. He’s afraid of everybody. His primary goal in any conversation is to get out of it. He will say ANYthing to ANYone. Anything he perceives as dissatisfaction, especially with him, sends him in to an absolute panic of symptom triage. He has no interest in actually FIXING anything (though if that happens along the way he’s not a complete fool about it.) He just seems to take any complaint as a dissatisfaction with him and his ego can’t handle it.

It might literally be the most pathetic personality trait I’ve ever seen.

I’ve got to stick around for the 2 year mark, and I really don’t just want to jet on them that day.

This was supposed to be my last programming job.

Uch. The interview process.

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