7/25/2017: A quickie

– Gotta do something different with meditation. I’m getting to the point where I spend most of my energy trying to keep my focus straight because I keep passing the hell out in five minute blocks. I don’t know why I KNOW it’s five minute blocks. But I do. The “internal clock” thing is really interesting because I know when I’m coming up on the end (of 45 minutes) usually to within 90 seconds or so.

– Similarly, the “pick something to deprive myself of for a month” is turning into a cakewalk. I’m thinking about amping that up a bit and doing something like going without wheat for a month. It’d be interesting to see what the hubub is about and frankly, I don’t see how I’d do that. I’ve usually got SOME kind of bread at just about every meal, whether it’s sandwiches, pizza, or sandwiches. It might be fun to experiment with some of those Keto bread replacement recipes.

– I realized today that I’m never going to get the chance to really work on the new C++ project at the office. There are just too many things that nobody knows but me. I can’t just write these piss-ant reports and automation systems anymore.