7/23/2017: Holy shit I finished!

It’s not such an accomplishment. Not really. But it feels pretty damn good.

I finished the Roguelike Dev tutorial over at roguebasin.com.

Basically that doesn’t mean much more than “I read this and typed it all in.” The reason for the surprise, by the way, isn’t “omg I can’t believe I have the skill set to type in all that code!” I thought the tutorial was 16 parts. Turns out it’s only 13. So I kept looking for the “next” button and couldn’t find one.

Like I said at the beginning, this is the early version of one that’s being posted in weekly installments over at reddit.com/r/roguelikedev. I just couldn’t wait.

I have….so much I want to do to this.

First I want to organize the code better. Then I want to decouple the dependency on the libtcod toolkit, I dunno, make the game a local server so I can really screw around with it. But I want to add fucktons of buckets of items. I’ve got ideas for an enchanting and “essence” mechanic I really wanna try and I want to use it as a platform to experiment with AI. That way I could take the PC and just pull him out as a necessary component and just drive the thing off of NPC AI logic.

My brain is just BUZZING with this crap.

The interesting thing about it is that almost none of the things I want to do with it have ANYthing to do with the fact that it’s a “roguelike” which was always the plan. It will become a sandbox for me to screw around with all kinds of ideas and techniques. And if, hell, I slap a tileset on it or port the thing over to another language (Probability: 10/10) all the better.

What I’m most surprised about it really is the fact that it’s ACTUALLY fun. This goofy little thing with 6 items, 2 types of mobs and unlimited levels is actually a fun little time waster right out of the box.

But now I get to play all kinds of horrible games with it.


OH! You may or may not remember that I’m doing this “read 52 books in a year” thing. I found the /r/52books subreddit and thought it’d be a good idea. I made a post where I started listing the books I’ve read as I finish them. But it occurs to me that editing it in place just sorta buries it in the past. So here’s the running list. I’ll probably sidebar it.