7/22/17: Something something title something date something

Seriously. Even I’m getting sick of it now. I went through the day with half a dozen “ooh, I’ll post about that”s. Now it’s 10:30 and my brain is entirely empty.

Hit the stupidmarket this morning and bought all the cold cuts. Prosciutto, Roast Beast, Turkey, Havarti. Sad thing is, none of it is likely to ever make it to a sandwich. I’m just gonna roll it up and eat it.

I suppose that’s actually the healthier way to go.

I’ve had this recipe in my “Try this” page in OneNote for a couple months now and I finally pulled the trigger on it. I doubled up everything but the beef. I WAS going to put two roasts in there. But I figured that maybe, MAYbe I should try just making a 1x batch of SOMEthing once in my life. But I always regret not having enough gravy/sauce.

About 2 hours in (on low) I tossed in a bunch of mushrooms, thought about it, then went and fished them out. That much balsamic vinegar was just going to soak right in to them and make them taste ridiculous. I pulled the mushrooms out and put them in a frying pan with a bit of butter and cooked them a bit. I tasted one and damn near spit the thing out. Yep. Gak. Called it. So I tossed them. Well, it served the original purpose of “I’ve gotta do something with these mushrooms or throw them out” at least.

But now it’s at about 8 hours and the roast is sitting in there just stewing away. I suppose I’ve gotta go tend to it now.

Aside from that I got absolutely nothing worth doing done today. It was NOT okay.

When I got home and stuffed the groceries in their proper places I went down and retrieved the dozen books that came in in the last two days. I’m starting to get book hangover.

I noticed that, within the last week it’s happened. I’ve had two copies of “Pattern Languages of Program Design” come in. I only hope there isn’t a third one on the shelf someplace.

Anyway here, watch some more Feynman. Try to ignore the Californians: