7/21/17: When am I going to learn

Almost certainly not within the next 10 days, that’s for sure.

The applications are away and I’ve downloaded the trading platform. It’s…improved in the last 9 years. I may end up starting with equities and options trading. Me, writing covered calls? Shit. I might actually wet myself.

I bought a plain old Agenda notebook. Nothing fancy, just a year long (July -> July) dated book with about 8-10 lines per day to jot stuff in. I suppose I ACTUALLY bought two of them, one for the office, that I’ve been using for a week, and one for home, that’s….still in the bag someplace around here.

I get quite frustrated with the immediacy with which the past disappears into obscurity. It’s amazing to me that I couldn’t tell you what I had for lunch last week, or that I’m not QUITE sure how many weeks these peppers have been fermenting, or how long that 5 gallon jar of JAOM has been fermenting on my countertop.

In looking at my notes, it seems that the JAOM has been bubbling away for a scant 4 months. I would’ve sworn it was closer to 8 or 9. I suppose it’s just that it’s so damn conspicuous that my perception of time has been stretched a bit by the attention it forces out of me.

But it makes me wonder what would happen if I could actually look back and see it all, even if it were just a series of bullet list items of things I’d done. Sure I’ll use it as a tickler file as well. It’s nice to get that kind of crap out of my head.

But it’s 11:00 now and I can’t get all spun up for a lecture on Chesterton’s notion of “The Inside of History.”

Here. Watch some Feynman.