7/20/17: OMG ANOT…wait… Yeah, nevermind.

Called my old brokerage firm (or at least, the company that acquired the company that acquired my old brokerage firm) and talked to them about getting my account reinstated. Because of the account’s disposition during the M&As, there’s going to be some gymnastics. But I’m well on my way and they’re making it pretty easy.

So most long-term projects are on ice for a while I get my sea legs back in to the trading world. My reading material is switching from pulpy fantasy to the trading classics, and some new stuff.

Not sure how much I’ll post about it. But you never know. I suppose I’m not going to be able to avoid having it on the brain.

No I won’t pick stocks for you. Let’s just get THAT shit out of the way up front.

And now for something completely different:

I pretty much have to have music playing while I’m programming. It’s got to be relatively uninteresting and a bit repetitive. But of course I have to actually LIKE the stuff.

I listened to the Buddha Bar CDs for years, numbers 1-9. One of the great things about that stuff is that anything with lyrics is generally not in English, so I was able to enjoy the voice as instrument without getting caught up listening to “lyrics” per se.

15 or so years of that sorta burned me out on it though, and I’m constantly on the hunt for new stuff.

There’s a website: musicforprogramming.net. It’s a great idea. I think they’re up to 48 separate single-mp3 mixes. Unfortunately I can’t stand them. Your mileage may vary.

Then there’s the youtube stuff which is usually just positively awful. There are exceptions though.

This is lovely. But I’ve listened to it hundreds of times and am finally starting to wear out the bits:

But I’m always poking around. A couple guys in the office keep sending me links to things I don’t like and I end up sending them links to things they DO like, which is fine with me. I’ll almost always give something different a shot.

Last night though, I discovered this little 45 minute gem:

It’s as close to perfect as I’ve found. It reminds me of the soundtrack from The Matrix, just slowed down a bit. Sure there are a couple flaws. He’s got few second delays between some of the tracks. But over all it’s dead on. I ran through it I think 3 or 4 times last night while working on a programming project.

The kid’s got a bunch more work. But frankly I haven’t bothered to look in to it. I’m just jamming on that thing too much.