7/18/17: Ooh! Another palindrome!

I dunno. What today? I don’t have anything to wax eloquent about. I’ve spent most of the day looking at a block of 110,000 lines of C++ code that’s really 1989 style “c with classes” that I inherited at the job.

No documentation. A few hundred classes. Approximately 20 binary targets (exes and DLLs.) No documentation of any kind.

“Yeah we bought this code. Can you make it in to our flagship new product? Great kthxbai.”

Mgr and President don’t understand what they’re asking. That’s okay. I don’t ask that people know. But I do ask that if they DON’T know, to not know and to listen. But they won’t do that.

I remember their lead in announcements (they’d call it “planning”) and how excited I was to actually dig in to a C++ project again after too many years.

But now that I’ve got my mitts on (most of) the code and I’m getting those pie eyed looks from management I realize what I’m in for.