7/16/2017: Decisions Decisions

I’ve officially got too many damn projects going at once.

The major ones are:

– Mead (several different batches)
– This hot sauce nightmare
– Teaching myself game development in my spare time
– Gaming (gotta give it its due.)
– Teaching myself about the Forex markets.
– Some light leatherwork.
– Some RaspberryPi and other microcontroller projects I’m fiddly farting around with.

And a couple more I can’t possibly remember at the moment.

For all of the crap I actually DO get done (which sorta surprises me at times) I’m still pretty conscious of how much time I waste being indecisive about what to do next or how to spend my time.

I mean, I’m PRETTY ADD (film at 11) on the best of days. But I’ve never really managed time very well at all. Nowadays I just see it blowing past me like Scott Adams’ deadlines.

Today I certainly did some stuff. Cleaned up my apartment (part 2 of 723.) Put some more peppers in fermentation jars (though I can’t seem to get a good seal on the wide-mouth jars, which is getting a bit frustrating.) I’m sure I got other stuff done, though again I can’t for the life of me remember what it was.

Time to make myself a big list. But not now. I promised myself I wasn’t going to go to bed at midnight anymore. It’s making me grumpy as shit in the morning.