7/10/2017: Well THAT’S not what I expected

So…see the pic in the previous post.

I brought those attempts at hot sauce to the office today, along with a couple loaves of bread that could be more accurately described as vulcanized than baked.

I’m pretty wary when I bring something in to the office, or to people in general to try. People have this frustrating motivation to please that gets squarely in the way of an honest appraisal of any kind. I don’t need anyone to blow sunshine up my ass and tell me how awesome the stuff I make is. It’s tiresome and more patronizing than complimentary, quite frankly.

But this was different than the normal rounds of “you MADE this!?!” fawning. People talked to each other about them. A couple favorites emerged and there was disagreement about which was better and why.

It was pretty damn satisfying to watch. Wait ’til I tell them that I only brought in about 1/3 of the varieties I have.

I did take the peppers that were the biggest hit and blend the rest of them up and put them in a new mason jar with an air lock on it. If I’m going to actually make any of this in any quantity then I’m going to have to start using those 2 gallon brew buckets or something for the peppers. I can see that being a big problem. Putting a quart of proto hot-sauce in a blender is one thing. Scaling it up to a couple gallons is another thing entirely.

Yeah, this might be a pain in the ass in about 2 iterations.

I dunno. Food processor? Might not be a bad idea. Dunno where I’m gonna PUT the fucking thing though.

Ugh. I’ve really gotta stop posting at close to midnight. I’m tapped out and have about a half dozen more topics to cover.