5/23/2017: An interesting addendum

So aside from loving the calmness that comes from meditating 6 out of 7 days a week (roughly) I’m finding out there’s another peculiar side-effect:

I’ve started remembering dreams now. They’re weird off the wall things. Nothing overtly interesting. But it’s pretty consistent.

In the past I generally have not remembered my dreams, with some 3-6 month bursts of waking up feeling like the lights had just come up at a theater. But even those were several years apart. It makes me wonder if I could go through old notebooks and journals and see if I’ve mentioned them enough to plot it on a time line. I doubt it. I generally don’t pay enough attention to them when I DO remember them to bother writing them down.

One particularly fun one from a couple weeks ago ended with me in a lab in a white coat being confronted by a bunch of similarly clad people, all “doubting my identity” (if not credentials.)

The alpha nerd quizzed me thus:

“You do know that sound is only 20% of air right?”
“Of course.”
*dramatic pause*
“I was there when they calculated it.” I replied, to a room full of wide-eyed gasps. Apparently that was some awesome reveal.

Yeah. I…right.

hmm…is that dinner?