4/26/2017: Alright alright.

I don’t see myself catching up on the “post per day” thing anytime soon. Hey, who knows. Maybe everything will change in the next month. Feels like everything did THIS month.

Seriously. I read a book that rocked my stripey socks. (ooh, shit, which reminds me, I’m gonna need to add it to the list of books read this year. I’m definitely going to keep up with THAT at the very least.) The book was “Trading Beyond The Matrix” and… I….don’t think I’m ready to talk about it. I finished it a couple days ago and will be digesting it for quite some time. It set me back on my heels.

Started a batch of rice wine in a 2g brew bucket, which will be lovely. Fortunately rice wine comes out in 5 weeks, plus time to clarify. So it’s not like any of the meads I have that have stopped bubbling but still all look like swamp water *casts a suspicious eye at a cluster of 1 gallon bottles*

I also discovered Mass Effect: Andromeda. While I see what everybody was whining (and whining and whining) about, it’s fun as HELL. Took me over 100 hours to finish the game and as much of the side-questing as I cared to. It’s just so damn big. I thought I was heading to the final battle when I saw in the save screen “47% complete.”

I’m trying to decide whether to crack the seal on the work stories. The office is getting completely out of hand lately and it’s amazing to watch the events unfold from my seat as (largely) a spectator.

I probably will. I’ll see if I can’t cobble something together.