2/9/2017: Publish, the food pellet button

I have… 3 readers. And by readers I mean “people who ever come here.”

Sure, there’s a bunch of lingering overflow from the 9/11 story. But they stay for that and leave. I don’t exactly get conversions from that.

I’ve gotta say, as much as I’d like the comfortable 130-150/day I had back when I started blogging, back in 2002, it’s not really going to change much what I post here. I mean, that’s 15 years ago.

It’s really nice to hit post (well, it’s WP, so “Publish”) even on a bullshit little post like this. Feels good to have put something down.

And yeah, maybe this is nothing more than an attempt to catch up by posting 2 thingamabobs in a day (and, seeing as how the ‘current post date’ is 2/9 and not the actual 3/6, I’ve got some catching up to do.) But I don’t care that much.

Even 150 words feels pretty damn good.