2/6/2017: Logan

Now I’m not going to spoil it (yet. You people have about a month.)


I knew 4 people who saw Logan on opening Thursday night. Every one of them texted/IMed/Tweeted me and said the same thing: “Oh my god, wait ’til you see the Deadpool 2 trailer.” which was startlingly conspicuous. Note also that none of these people know each other. (For the record: I don’t watch trailers of movies I’m fiending to see. I close my eyes and stick my fingers in my ears and wiggle them around until it sounds like the trailer is over. This includes movies, shows, video games (see Mass Effect: Andromeda) and anything else I get forced to watch spoilers of.)

Despite what everyone seems to think, I wasn’t a big comic book kid. I may have read 20 comic books in as many years. But Logan delivered what I have without a doubt been waiting 40 years to see.

It’s clear to me that Hugh Jackman is to Wolverine what Ryan Reynolds is to Deadpool. They’ve just been giving him shit writing for the previous movies.

It’s not a “great movie.” It’s not a Film. I like other superhero stuff more, as a whole. I’ve got other complaints I’m going to withhold.

But it sure was fun.