2/2/2017: Nudus regis

I’ve been getting the creeping sensation that I should probably learn Javascript. The proliferation of frameworks and toys alone has to indicate something about either how easy it is to work with, or how much people are doing with it, if not both.

I’ve got a couple (dozen, who am I kidding) web development books and they hit all of what seem to be the major ones: Node, angular, jquery, react, yadda yadda, something about bisque.

But when I really try to nail down how to DO something specific, I end up on a wild goosechase of plugins to frameworks to platforms. It’s almost as though nobody really DOES anything other than prepare and write libraries.

I get these flashbacks to the 90s when we tried to write code generators to do all the work for us, only realizing, after a tremendous amount of pain and suffering, that we couldn’t cheat our way out of doing the work needed to create software. We built class libraries and ORM layers and all KINDS of crap, even down to the 3gl tools like PowerBuilder, SqlWindows, and such.

But no matter how we tried, we could never write:

    virtual void main() = 0;

(Apologies to the non C++ people reading, so…everybody pretty much.)

I don’t care how fancy your tools are. You can’t avoid doing the work. And again and again I’m faced with these attempts, sometimes elaborate, most of the time half assed, to escape reality with another plug in. And yes, maybe I’m COMPLETELY wrong and off base. But if so, the responsibility is on the tool maker to market their product. Don’t just dump it in a fucking github repository with reference documentation, start a mailing list, and expect me to give a shit.

Yeah, so I’ll learn enough Javascript to be dangerous. I’ll dabble in JQuery, since it seems to be ubiquitous, and I’ll probably try some Node.js stuff, since it seems like the One True Server-Side Javascript technology. But the rest of this crap can go hang.

Is your framework du jour worth me learning? Prove it.

I’ve got too much actual work to do.