2/19/2017: ’cause THAT’S what I needed, another task

I woke up a few times in the night “bothered” by the amazing smell of garlic coming from I couldn’t figure out where. Each time I came to enough to remember I had the marinara sauce not-quite-simmering on the stove over night. It was absolutely heavenly. I fell back asleep fantasizing that it was strong enough to similarly inflict my neighbors.

It was good enough (when I finally got out of bed and tried some) that I found myself just eating it with a spoon. A dramatic improvement over my previous batch. The role of parsley was surprising, once I picked out the flavor.

So I jarred all of that and cleaned off the kitchen counters…sorta.

I got out the sparkolloid powder, looked up some directions and mixed up a bunch. Sparkolloid’s a powder you dissolve in water then add to a wine/cider/mead that’s at the tail end of it’s brewing process to help clarify it. It’s funny to me how some meads just settle out and end up clear as glass. It’s lovely to watch. But I have some (most) batches that are 6-7 months old and still cloudy as hell. I finally decided that a fining agent was needed.

Not too big a deal. I grabbed all 7 bottles and made a play at identifying them by smell. Yeah I got a couple. The cherry mead was a gimme. But it smelled like there were 2 strawberry meads, and I don’t remember doing 2. So I gave that up pretty quick, put the sparkolloid solution in each of them and re-capped them (with airlocks…JUST in case.)

Hopefully in another month or so these will be clear enough to bottle and more importantly, taste.

Also just started the great filet mignon sous vide experiment. More on that next week.

Okay I’m just rambling.